Monday, December 29, 2008

Truely Hybrid

Hey everyone! There's really not much I love to do in my spare time more than stamp and scrap on my projects, but I also love to add digital elements as well. We all know that the term "hybrid" means mixing paper scrapbooking with digital scrapping. Well today I created this layout where I used paper, stamps, and digital elements together.
The base of my layout is all paper with a transparency over the photo with flowers and buttons in the corners. I used stamps to stamp the mushrooms and owls onto paper, color with markers and cut them out by hand. The digital part of this layout is in the journaling. I decided I didn't want to use my own handwriting on this layout so I decided to use my computer. The only thing was I wanted to use a color as my background and have the journaling in white. The best way for me to do this was to use my Photoshop Elements to create my white journaling with a brown background. It took me all of 6 minutes to create and print out of my printer.
The fact that I mixed paper scrapping, stamping, and digital journaling together makes this a truely hybrid layout. Try it for yourself! I bet you'll get hooked! Love and blessings to you all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Designer Challenge #1- "Saturated Shine!"

Hi, Natalie here.
I was given the honor of coming up with the first assignment for the Outta This Funk guest designers. I’m excited about this because I’ve recently been inspired by someone and want to share it.

My inspiration will translate into a scrapbook page. One that requires you to ‘think simple’. I’ve called it “Saturated Shine”

“Shine” is the name of Karen Jensen’s photography business. She has a website that beautifully shows-off her great talent as a photographer in a simple and colorful way!

Go to
When you arrive click on enter site. (Go to the blog later, since that’s not part of the project.)
Before navigating the website watch the photos change and notice how she uses large blocks of vivid colors to compliment each photo. The colors she chooses enhance the beauty of the photo, not detract from it. Go ahead and click on galleries when you’ve seen all the intro photos. In there you will see 5 more galleries to be inspired by. (Cleverly named I might add!)

This was the project:
Use Karen’s wonderful photography skills to inspire you to use a new angle, how to pose your subject, or the location you choose. If you like, play with the colors of your photo in photoshop to increase the saturation before printing it. Then create a simple layout where the paper color(s) you choose enhances the photo. Avoid patterned paper where possible. It’s a distraction in this case. Title and journal as you wish keeping in mind the simple aspect.

Here are the Guest Designers takes on this project. We hope you like them and feel inspired by us and Karen both!! Have Fun!

Megan Peacock

Kristy Cox

Danni Reid

Sara Repinski

Suzanne Austin

Toni Boucha

Natalie Goward